Cleanroom Cart Design

CMS, Inc offers design of carts for use in cleanroom manufacturing environments. We address not only your needs as far as functionality but also look at materials of construction and fabrication techniques that are necessary to meet your specific needs. Areas of use, cleanroom classification, cleaning requirements, types of cleaning agents used, as well as other specifics are all important determining factors that go into properly designing carts used for cleanroom and sterile manufacturing areas. These issues are not addressed in catalog purchased items that are mass produced or from fabricators that are not accustomed to pharmaceutical requirements. We often find carts, as well as other cleanroom furnishings, that are being used in cleanrooms and sterile manufacturing areas that are not meant for use in these areas. Material problems commonly seen are zinc plated components in regards to casters, hardware, drawer slides, hinges, table legs, and structural supports. All of these items should be stainless steel or an approved plastic. These problems will show after use and cleaning as most cleaning agents cause rust and corrosion. Fabrication problems commonly seen are improper surface finishes, sharp edges, excessive cracks and crevices, uncapped tubing, exposed threads, and improper welding techniques. These problems give mold and bacteria areas for growth that are difficult or impossible to clean.

Please allow us the opportunity to support your cart and cleanroom furnishing needs. We have developed some products that address commonly requested needs that are on our website. We can customize any of these items or if you do not see anything that will work for your application we can design one for you.

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