Cleanroom Wall Crash Guard

Carolina Mechanical offers multiple custom solutions for wall protection including wall crash guards or also called wall bumper guards

 Please give us a call to provide the best solutions for your wall protection needs.

Our cleanroom wall crash guards can offer:

  1.  Custom built to your wall area needs
  2.  Offered for various wall attachment positions – mid wall, low wall, or both 
  3.  Offering a floor wall crash guard – different design
  4.  Stainless Steel Construction – typically type 316L. Options in 304 stainless are available
  5.  Tapered ends sections with ends solid welded.  Sections are butted together for long runs 
  6.  No exposed hardware
  7.  Smooth wipe down finished product
  8.  Internal support brackets are stainless
  9.  All exposed surfaces passivated
  10.  Other custom options available.  
Cleanroom Wall Crash Guard
All units are built to order. 

Please contact for us for questions, sizes, and options so we can provide you with the proper quotes for your project needs
call: 919-477-7100 ext. 102