CMS is pleased to announce our High Purity Piping and Custom Fabrications division. Over the past few years, we have expanded our abilities and personnel into this new and exciting area of service which compliments our fabrication abilities.CMS is able to provide design, fabrication, installation, maintenance, repair, inspection, and documentation of high purity processes.

We specialize in the manufacturing of custom fittings, manifolds, valve clusters, mobile skids, atmospheric tanks, modification of pump housings, and dip tubes utilizing our laser, CNC press brake, CNC turning and machining, Magnatech Orbital Welding Systems, and Miller TIG welding abilities.

Onsite, we can provide piping system installation for high purity water systems, CIP and SIP Skids, filtration skids, clean steam systems, process systems, etc.

All work is performed to ASME BPE Standards or other customer supplied specifications and adheres to cGMP standards. Safety of our personnel and customer product is always of the utmost importance. CMS’s training, fabrication, and inspection programs are in place for all personnel involved in the high purity process. The processes of receiving components, welding procedures, visual inspection program using certified Level II Visual inspectors, passivation and system testing allow for only the highest quality in our high purity department.

CMS can supply turn-over packages for any validated system or component as needed by our customers. Our turn-over package includes project documentation, submittals, weld maps or as built dwg’s, weld log and examination/inspection logs, MTR’s, Certificates of Compliance, testing documentation, passivation documentation, etc.. as needed.