Cleanroom Sinks

Carolina Mechanical offers custom solutions for your cleanroom sinks.  Our sinks are custom built with the proper materials and techniques for use in sterile manufacturing facilities where sporicidal disinfectants are commonly used.  Please give us a call to provide the best solutions for your specific needs.

Our cleanroom sinks can offer:

  1.  Multiple size, styles, lengths, height, and use configurations 
  2.  Stainless Steel Construction – typically type 316L with optional 304 alternatives
  3.  Heavy Duty construction yields stable and safe performance
  4.  All hardware is stainless steel and/or plastic
  5.  TIG welded construction 
  6.  All exposed surfaces passivated
  7.  Several leveling and caster configurations for fixed or mobile use 
  8.  Other custom options available 

Note: White tape shown on wheels/feet in many pictures are for wheel/feet protection during manufacture and shipping only.  Tape is to removed before use.

All units are built to order. 

Please contact for us for questions, sizes, and options so we can provide you with the proper quotes for your project needs
call: 919-477-7100 ext. 102