Cleanroom Dolly Carts

Our cleanroom dolly cart provides a transport platform for various purposes. It is commonly used for stir bases.  Carts are custom made to order.  

  1. 316L #4 finish stainless steel construction.  304 stainless options are available
  2. Various sizes for top surfaces are available.  
  3. Flat top or Drip top for top surface
  4. Round tubing ergonomic handle
  5. Tig welded construction with all nonwelded joints silicone caulked
  6. No zinc plated or carbon steel components
  7. All exposed surfaces are passivated
  8. Stainless steel casters. Swivel housings have raceway seals.  Polyurethane wheels with sealed stainless bearings in wheel.  Available with and without rear pedal style brakes. Plate caster options are available


  1. Custom shelf sizes – shelf width and length
  2. Various handle heights and handle types
  3. Elevated retainer bars for part containment
  4. Bottle and component retention 
  5. Electrical Chases for pump/equipment power.  Chases are not UL listed but use UL listed components.  Chases provided with 20Amp 125V GFCI circuit
  6. Cord Wraps for chases power cord(s)
  7. Caster configurations –  All swivel or two swivel and two rigid.  Options using plate casters are also available
  8. Front bumpers
  9. Other custom options are available

Note: White tape shown on wheels in many pictures is for wheel protection during manufacture and shipping only.  Tape is to removed before use.

All units are built to order. 

Please contact for us for questions, sizes, and options so we can provide you with the proper quotes for your project needs
call: 919-477-7100 ext. 102